© Wayuphong JITVIJAK / WWF Thailand
Dawna Tenasserim: Species on the Brink
Straddling the Myanmar-Thailand border, the transboundary Dawna Tenasserim is the largest contiguous forested area in Southeast Asia

and is home to iconic species - tigers, leopards, elephants - and species found nowhere else on earth - Fea's muntjac and Tenasserim Lutung. But all of these species are on the brink, threatened by rapid land use change, habitat loss and fragmentation, and the rampant wildlife trade.

Precious little time remains.

WWF and other conservation organizations are working with governments, local communities, and the private sector to monitor, protect, and conserve the Dawna Tenasserim and all those who call it home.

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© Adam Oswell / WWF-Thailand