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Clean drinking water. Fertile fields. Freshwater fish stocks to feed millions. Sediment that keeps delta cities safe from rising seas. Home to around one in ten known animals on our planet, including half of all fish species. We all need healthy freshwater ecosystems.

But as countries in Asia-Pacific build the water, energy, waste management and transport infrastructure to support the needs of a growing population and economy, our rivers, lakes and wetlands are now under more threat than ever before. Due to institutional, technological and financial insufficiency, much of the region faces challenges in developing sustainable infrastructure. As thirsty crops suck up this precious resource, industrial pollution and sewage leaks into rivers, natural habitats are built over, and dams and infrastructure fragment our river systems.

What we are doing
What’s needed is a transformation in the way rivers are valued — so that the diverse benefits they provide to people and nature are no longer overlooked and underappreciated but taken into account by decision-makers.

We work with communities, civil society organisations and development partners, companies and governments.


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Keep rivers free-flowing

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Protect wetlands along Asia’s flyways

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Secure resilience for Asia’s delta systems

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Support bankable water infrastructure projects

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Restore river dolphin populations

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