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Bankable Water Solutions
Sustainable management of the world’s water has become one of the most pressing issues we face today. Decades of mismanagement, underinvestment, and weak policies have placed water resources under increasing strain.

Meanwhile, climate change and demographic pressures are set to worsen water shortages, jeopardize food production in many countries, put businesses at risk of drying and drowning assets, and pollute and degrade natural ecosystems. To secure water for all, an estimated US$1 trillion of annual investment will be needed.

To meet this demand, private sector involvement is essential. However, while investors, banks and private companies are increasingly seeking to invest in more sustainable water projects, there is no pipeline of viable projects.


What WWF is doing

To save freshwater basins across Asia-Pacific, WWF is transforming the investment landscape and redirecting substantial financial flows into sustainable water projects. Instead of fighting to halt poorly planned infrastructure projects, we are using our expertise to drive solutions, from cleantech investments to solar and wind energy to natural flood protection. With partners, we are developing a global framework on investment pathways, linking better governance with investment in water-related infrastructure by:

  • Catalysing a stream of bankable projects which will improve freshwater ecosystems in our river basins, while providing investors with an acceptable return on their investment, and introducing these opportunities to financial institutions
  • Engaging global brands to add interest, capital, pressure and legitimacy to these emerging solutions
  • Leveraging bankable projects with other funding to fund the ‘un-fundable’