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What we do
Our mission is to conserve the natural richness of the Asia-Pacific region with all its diversity, and build a future in which nature and people thrive.

To support WWF’s Global Goals to protect and restore nature for the benefit of people and planet, we strive to achieve:

  • Zero loss of natural habitats, maintain existing ecosystems, conserve, use sustainably, restore and ensure climate resilience
  • Zero extinction and stable or increasing populations of species
  • Half the footprint of consumption and production and half greenhouse gas emissions



Areas of focus

From establishing and managing protected areas to restoring forest landscapes to advocating for change and building awareness. From reintroducing threatened species to mitigating human-wildlife conflict. From empowering local communities to enabling green transitions and nature-based solutions. In everything we do, WWF takes an inclusive and holistic approach to addressing threats to nature. 

Transboundary Priority Landscapes
Nature knows no borders. Some of the most important ecosystems in which nature and people thrive traverse international barriers. To protect them, we need collaboration across countries and regions.

Within Asia-Pacific, our regional work focuses on transboundary landscapes in the Greater Mekong region, the Pacific Islands and Mongolia, which host some of our planet’s most biologically important places.

These are some of the priority transboundary landscapes in Asia Pacific where we work: