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Welcome to Mekong ProtecTOUR ! Join the journey to safe and sustainable tourism.


Mekong ProtecTOUR trains tour guides to prioritize the safety, health, and well-being of guests while promoting environmentally and wildlife friendly practices.

Mekong ProtecTOURs are tour guides and operators who commit to protecting our guests, our culture, our planet, and our wildlife. 

Mekong ProtecTOURs demonstrate this commitment by offering wildlife-friendly experiences and souvenirs, while avoiding activities and venues that are harmful to animals.

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Is your organization ready to join Mekong ProtecTOUR? 

Here is how you can get involved in the Mekong ProtecTOUR program:

Download a training curriculum.

Request a tour guide training for your staff.

Sign the ProtecTOUR pledge.

Mekong ProtecTOUR is designed to provide tour guides with the resources and skills needed to protect elephants and other wildlife while ensuring their clients have an amazing and safe trip.

Approved wildlife tour activities include natural habitat observations from a safe distance, wildlife-friendly gift shops, and ethical wildlife encounters. 

These activities keep tourists safe from running afoul of the law, being in physical danger, and getting sick from handling or consuming wildlife. 

Tour operators who adopt the Mekong ProtecTOUR promise will also benefit from additional promotion and exposure from WWF and Destination Mekong for being a responsible and sustainable business.

Learn more about our partner, Destination Mekong.

Is your organization ready to join Mekong ProtecTOUR? Read the checklist below to see if you meet the criteria.
Wildlife-friendly culture and capacity building
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Safe and sustainable itineraries
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